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Who is Q? What is Qanon?

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In case you don’t know much about #Q and #Qanon and need more info on #WWG1WGA (which means Where We Go One We Go All started by Q) #deepstatetakedown #miliarytribunals #GITMO #TheGreatAwakening

go to

and also go to  to view all of Q’s posts (it takes a long time to load, you will see white screen at first, just wait for it).

We need as many patriots on board as possible to spread the word!

Twitter is the main social media platform that is displaying all of the dirt on the shadow government takedown.

It’s easy to join in The Great Awakening. All you have to do is create a twitter account and add those hashtags noted above. Follow mobilegold01 and follow who I am following and you will find many tons of info.

You don’t even have to post anything, but the more you hang around the patriots on Twitter the more you will know what is going on behind the scenes. Tell your friends and share this post.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the biggest Trump supporter. If you don’t support him or pay much attention to him, you may be in the dark all together.

The shadow government is running the show in the background and making you think whatever they want you to think.

#Q is the insider in the white house who is telling us all of the plans and they are slowly coming true.

The #Qanon movement is the people who believe in Q and mostly likely stands for Q Anonymous. WWG1WGA.

Case in point, the major news channels are backed by the shadow government, so you don’t see the truth-AKA Fake News.

The only news channel out there you can rely on for the truth is Fox News.

Forget all the politics involved and look at what the underlying information is telling you about our very sordid past.

Bush and Bush Jr were Republicans, but they were some of the most corrupt, evil and money hungry politicians along with Obama and Clinton.

In the coming days it will be revealed what really happened behind the scenes back then when they were sucking up money from other countries and messing up our economy and sending us to war to make themselves more money.

Stay tuned and “Enjoy the Show”.

who is Q?

What is the Cabal? What is the Deep State or Shadow Government?

Q is JFK Jr?