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The Shocking Bush Funeral Envelope Scandal #envelopegate

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If you watched the Bush funeral footage from back in Nov 2018, you may or may not have noticed some sublime messages given out to 5 lucky couples. These are the lucky couples who have all been in the White House mucking things up and committing serious crimes. It’s now time to pay.

The Obamas, The Clintons, The Bidens, The Bushes, and the Pences.

Many people speculate that the envelopes that each couple got at George Herbert Walker Bush’s funeral had the word suponea or federal tribunal request of some sort on it. The five couples included the recent Presidents and their Vice Presidents of the USA.

It is rumored that anyone in the deep state who allowed things to happen, or turned the other cheek while it happened will be brought to justice. It sure can’t be soon enough. Basically these enemies of ours are going to be tried in a military tribunal setting and not a judge led hearing. The farther than can be tried from their comfort level the better. So they are going to be conducted at GITMO (Guantanamo Bay Naval Base).

In Nov. 2018, according to NBC news website:

” The Obama administration’s stated goal was to close Guantanamo Bay Prison, or Gitmo. Under President Donald Trump, the detention camp for alleged terrorists is now an “enduring mission,” and the Pentagon has asked officials here to plan to stay open another 25 years. “

Perhaps Obama knew where he was headed and wanted to hurry and shut it down before he ended up there?

And Trump has been getting things ready on the sly. Trump was even cool about handing the losers their envelopes. He waited until it was a time of heaviness for the families, Bush’s funeral. He kicked them when they were down so to speak. Just like they have been trying hard to trash him and remove him from his office.

This corrupt group of presidents and vice presidents were beind so many tragedies in America. The more your research about Bush Sr. and what he had his hand in, starting back in the 80’s and 90’s, the more you will realise he wasn’t a good person with the American People in mind, rather trying to get his own agenda going. He famously talked about the New World Order years ago in public. He was a staunch supporter of that, thereby revealing his part in the horrific Illuminati.

Hillary and Obama are more corrupt than their followers believe. Their can’t seem to put the pieces together of all the things they have instigated, or under the table fixed. Hillary is notorious for killing off people that would get in her way. I’m sure they all were to try to cover their tracks.

It’s over folks. We just now seem to have a the dilemma of figuring out which media to get our news regarding this situation. If all the major media is corrupt by the cabal, they will block all the truth to the American People who need to know the full truth about everything. Then they all need to go to jail for a long time.