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The cabal is a term used to describe the officials who are running a hidden agenda in the US and abroad. This group is made of Illuminati members who are made up of the richest people in the world who believe in The New World Order. They have been around since the beginning of America. They have their own agenda and control the media, the government and the banking system to name a few.

They are the ones who don’t want you to know about aliens, they start wars to make money, create false flag attacks, and they try to control what the general population views about our world. It is largely believed that they created 9/11 even. Imagine the gall. Since they are part of the Illuminati, they worship Lucifer and don’t care about human life. Human life is nothing to them.

They are the owners of the big mega banks, the media, the big corporations and they are liars. They will tell you what your truth is, and they are full of fake news. They have no problems with killing off people who fight them or who speak against them. 

They are running FEMA, and any other government organization such as the CIA, the FBI, the NASA to name a few. Past presidents like Clinton, Bush and Obama were controlled by the cabal, no discrimination for democrats or republicans.

Some say that the presidents are all chosen by the cabal and our voting during elections doesn’t really matter. All of the presidents are related, is that a coincidence? Definitely not, the deceit has been going on since the inception of America passed down from family to family. 12 Year Old Girl Discovers That All But One U.S. President Are Directly Related To Each Other

Trump does not appear to be part of the cabal, that is why he gets so angry about fake news. He knows that America has been brainwashed by our own government. We only know what we have been told because we are beneath them. They control us. That must change!

What else is the cabal is responsible for? Just about everything.

The cabal is responsible for fast food which was designed to dumb down the population and lower their IQ. All of the food is designed to smell good and make you crave it. Once you start eating it, it’s like a drug to make you addicted to it. The ingredients of course make us sick in the long run with high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Fits right in with the New World Order agenda that wants to decrease the population by billions. 

The cabal owns Big Pharma who wants to enslave you to their medications. They are also behind the CDC. They could be trying to poison us with vaccines and may be releasing germs and diseases that have been cultivated so they can fix you with their medicines. Any alternative or better treatment will be squelched by the cabal so that they don’t grow in popularity and decrease money making.

They are also behind:

~Monsanto, the genetically modified foods.

~Flouride in our water.

~The oil industry. The car company Audi/Volkswagon had come out with a car that runs on water and air.

You can retrofit all of the cars of the world with this technology and not use oil/gas at all. But this is a death wish for the company to try to come forward and get this going, because the cabal will find a way to bring them down. The cabal needs oil to stay the power source because they control and own businesses that use so much petrochemicals. While this could be a huge for helping the environment, they aren’t interested.

~They are behind the tobacco companies too.

~The cabal controls HARP, and their chemtrails.