Are Aliens Sending Messages Through Crop Circles?

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We are living in such denial that many people still think that crop circles are created by man. The sheer absurdity of that is laughable. There is no way that can be true for these reasons:

  1. They crop circles just appear over night.
  2. The crop circles are extremely precisely created.
  3. The symmetry involved is impeccable. Too hard for a human to manage from the ground regardless of the machinery. 
  4. The crops are not damaged in these fields, merely bent over. Man made crop circles damage the crops instantly. 

An alien face appears in a field with a message for us to decode.

alien message in crop circle

(No way man made this!)

The code reads an actual message that seems to make sense for humankind.

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES-Could this mean our government?

Much PAIN but still time-We have to be endure pain and stress because our time is not here yet.

BELIEVE-Believe there are others out there.

There is GOOD out there-Most aliens are friendly and want to help us.

We OPpose DECEPTION-Aliens don’t like the government covering them up.

Conduit CLOSING-This could mean man things, wormhole closing? aliens being suppressed and not allowed to do their mission with us? Crop circles ending soon?

alien message from R71

This crop circle message has been deciphered using binary code. It translates as follows:

Hi I am R71 from Zeta Reticuli

Know of our existence.

We are your galactic neighbours.

Disclosure is coming.

No more pain and deception.

This picture alone depicts a crop circle of an alien smoking a pipe.

Maybe they have a sense of humor. Maybe they are mocking us.

One thing is for sure, these crop circles are not man made!

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