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Try to enjoy each and every present moment with love and happiness. Humans are all living on a complex timescale. In actuality there real is no time continuum, only right now. That is why meditation is so healthy for the body, mind and soul. Meditation makes you to be still in the moment and just be.

Could it be that our reality is not even real?

What if life is really a movie we are creating subconsciously as we go?

Might we be living in different dimensions at the same time somewhere else?

Why is Quantum physics so hard to grasp? We will surely find out in the next few years. Scientists are making huge strides in figuring out so much.

If you don’t already have the Gaia television channel, you really are missing out on the real reality of life. You probably haven’t seen the whole picture yet.

The Gaia Station/Channel

Awesomeness is the best way to explain Gaia. Gaia is not owned by one of the 5 major conglomerates out there pushing the agenda that they want. The truth is not squelched on this channel.

The real truth is told by authors and people who want to explain their side of reality and awareness about our world. Many higher thinking videos exist on the Gaia channel. They will give you plenty of insight and education into different worlds of ideas, and opinions. Gaia does not particularly endorse what is shown on the station. However, it does not repress those who want to use their true freedom of speech.

A good percentage of people believe in angels and aliens, of government corruption on a large scale, and many more cover ups. You won’t find this information on regular cable television. The reason why is because the truth has been hidden for such a long time, and will continue to be. The public needs to figure out who they really are. To find out how they really want to live, and what the truth in this crazy mixed up world is.

The world is full of questioning moments that make you say “huh?”

You Must Question Everything.