Q is JFK JR?

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This conspiracy is absolutely crazy and deep and hidden as they come. This Youtuber claims to have proof that JFK JR is really alive, and is secretly interacting with President Trump.

He is walking around in broad day light known as a man called Vincent Fusca. This man is an avid Trump supporter and some suspect he may be the infamous Q.

How wild is that?? Maybe he’s part of ‘the show’ we are supposed to be enjoying watching that Trump and Q speak of. .

Take a minute to watch these convincing video from the gunners wife on You Tube:

I don’t know about you, but JFK JR dying in a suspicious plane crash way back in 1999 always seemed a little fishy.

They say his plane went down because he wasn’t an experienced pilot and that is was dark that night. He had spatial disorientation.

He really wasn’t flying very far though and according to the theory, he was distracted and couldn’t tell if things were running correctly on the instrument panel.

I just don’t buy it. He was a very intelligent person and he did have many hours of flying under his belt. And he was carrying precious cargo, Carolyn Bissette, and her sister Lauren.

Why would he chance it? Why not just hop in a limo, or have someone fly him there if he didn’t think he could do it?

Carolyn’s sister had to “die” in the crash too so she could relocate with her sister and become her best and only friend while they started their new life.

There have been sightings of what looks like an aged Lauren Bessette. Notice the chin in the pic and the video below…

JFK Jr and Lauren Bessette

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