New Age Thinking

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Believe in the power of the mind and the universe, and you will find yourself pondering new age thinking. This type of thinking includes but is not limited to some of following ideas or beliefs…

~meditation, astral travel, the third eye, using your chakra, trance or medium channeling, crystals, reincarnation, past life regression,  belief in aliens, seances to contact the dead, near death experiences, spirit guides, reiki, or any alternative medicine~

It is safe to say that anyone who intrinsicly knows that there is a higher dimension within themselves, will have no issues with every one of the above listed new age thinking and ideas. Because all you need is an open mind, and knowledge.

Your brain, your spirit and your bodies can conquer a lot! Every spirit can be improved upon at every given moment. Every person could easily benefit from meditation to start with. Yoga and Reiki Meditation helps keep you mind and your body strong and in unity.

Your mind and body can heal you of physically ailments. One of the important ways is by the use of food as medicine to fix and fuel a sick body.

Awesome films to show the truth about food instead of using drugs to heal the body (on Netflix or Amazon):

A Beautiful Truth

There is huge conspiracy in keeping people sick.  Big Pharma, meaning all the big pharmeceutical big wigs you can think of, need you to stay sick or else they will not profit like they are now. Who do you think owns Big Pharma anyhow? Those pesky elite people who just happen to be Illuminati members. Remember they want One World Order, which means extermination of 6.5 billion people- to leave only 500 million on Earth. 

Movies that will prove it is possible to heal from within: 

The Magic Pill

Dying to Have Known

A great film that will intrigue you regarding new age and spirituality is Wild Wild Country.  

You may have remembered this group from the 70’s called the Rashneeshees, or heard about them. It’s an interesting docuseries to watch. 

They had the right idea in the way that they were spiritually free. They wanted to just be alive, happy, free and treat the earth with universal love.  Unfortunately for them politics and greed got in the way.