About Me

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I’m Always Growing and Learning

Hi my name is Andi. I am a nurse by trade, have a great family, and I’m a very open minded and practical person. I’m glad you are here reading, and I hope you gain insight on true reality. 

As I add more to this blog I feel like I will be writing a book because there is so much to explore. I, (like many people out there), have a deep need to make sense of the true reality and meaning of life. In my soul searching, I have uncovered so much knowledge related to spiritual themes. These include themes such as the after-life, conspiracies, and spirituality. I am happy to share what I have found out, even if it is about aliens or UFOs or conspiracies.

It is all very fascinating when you look at books like The Law of One. You find that topics like the after-life, life’s meaning, your personal spiritual journey, and aliens are actually interconnected. The more you read, the more you will see a lot of confirmations and links of how we are all connected to each other, and a higher power.

Keep an open mind, and please know that I don’t hold any of the evidence I have uncovered as being completely true. I am, however, on a long journey for spiritual awakeness. I would love if others educated themselves and opened their eyes to reality too.

I really believe this:

To Keep an Open Mind is the Most Beautiful Thing you can Give to the Universe.