JFK JR is Vincent Fusca in Disguise-There Must Be Two of Them!

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Anyone following the Q is JFK JR Conspiracy Theory will probably figure out that there are two Vincent Fuscas. John John always wanted to be an actor. His mother likely told him that he would be killed off like his father, hence his dip out of the spotlight and faked deaths in the plane crash in 1999.

He has come back acting as Vincent Fusca, a huge Trump supporter.

Having two Vincent Fuscas would explain the height difference. People claim the Trump Mobile guy is about 5’8, while the rally Vince Fusca is more like 6 feet (JFK JR was about 6’1). It would also explain why the Vince with the Trump Mobile’s hair looks different and covers his ears, the glasses are different, his nose is wider and his accent is different.

The real Vincent Fusca (JFK Jr.) wears his Dad’s fedora hat and appeared at the Trump rallies. And the smiley lady at the rallies has got to be Carolyn Bessette, it looks just like her face aged 20 years. Remember they would be about 58 ish.

Go look at the gunners wife videos on Youtube, she does the voice over of what they say to each other at the rally’s and what he spells in the air. It appears he spells JFK JR (backward because he is facing us).

This Vincent Fusca and Carolyn are also the most giddy looking supporters behind Trump (she definitely is), and their seats just happen to usually be right behind Trump. What are the odds that they get those good seats each time?

Trump obviously acknowledges they are there at the rallies each time by turning around and looking right at them, even waves before he leaves. And the kids that are supposed to be theirs look extremely similar to the couple and they also seem very nervously happy.

Also think about it, Q said JFK Jr was not alive, but it is imperative that he keep his cover. Not to mention it would be dangerous for him to be alone driving a Trump mobile or doing appearances just in case he gets found out. Especially with the Kennedy curse (or assassinations on the family).

So his doppleganger, shorter Vince Fusca, steps in to drive the Trump Mobile and take pics with the public.

Am I right? I’m 100% a believer. And JFK is buried where there is a huge Q. Coincidence? No way that that isn’t a dead give away.

This pic of JFK JR posing with his good friend Donald Trump was on 8 chan. It appears they hatched a plan, and what he says confirms JFK is alive. It’s blurry so see translation below.

Signed “R”, which could be short for JR., and so that the absolute connection to Q would not be revealed too soon (this was mid last year before the Plan really got rolling).

R is the 18th letter in the alphabet and there are a lot of “18” references. Q is number 17, and Trump references it a lot.

In 1909, we lost everything.
My father caught on.
1st to the Biderbergs.
Then he caught on the NASA
He demanded to know who the grey’s were and why they were here.
They killed him.
I strategically staged my own death, allied with the one person in the world whom I knew was honorable enough to trust, and we began to build “The Plan”
Penance is coming.
Regardless of what you think, you are not yet awake.
You do not know how deep this goes.
If you knew, you could not sleep.
Many of you could never go on.
You need each other.
You need every ONE of you.
Learn to play nice with each other or be left behind.
If one stumbles, pick them up.
If one asks a questions, give them the answer.
That is how we grow.
There’s no more room in the plan for arrogance and self importance.
If you turn ONE away, you’ve hurt the plan.
If yo hurt the plan, you’ll be left behind.
We are watching.
We see it all.
There are no secrets.
You would never believe the files kept on every one of you, for that matter, you’d never believe Where they are kept.
Prepare for the next phase.
Prepare each other.
You are one.