Wisdom Teachings

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David Wilcock Delivers

Many existential videos exist on the Gaia channel. One such show is called Wisdom Teachings by David Wilcock. It has 30 seasons of endless talk and information on important things that people need to know. This guy is a genius who is extremely well educated. He easily explains life’s truths for you in a way that is very easy to understand.

The best way to go through this awesome, mind blowing series is to put it on as you are going to sleep. Just listen to what he says and ponder the thoughts. In his videos there is not a whole lot of video besides him speaking with an occasional slide or video to demonstrate what he is speaking about. It is much easier to process when you can be in a slightly meditative state. The knowledge that he imparts is through 20 or more years of his own investigative studies. He also has a insiders who corroborate what he has uncovered.

David believes completely in aliens, and believes in government cover ups, and Illuminati world domination to mention a few. He has met with many whistle blowers like Corey Goode (Cosmic Disclosure), Pete Peterson, William Thompkins and Jason Rice that have come forward to tell all. He easily explains connections in the universe that you might not have even considered.

His favorite books are Fingerprints of the Gods by William Hancock and also The Law of One series, both describing civilizations that our history books don’t tell us anything about.

David has his own blog where there is such a huge wealth of information about what is going on in our government. He speaks out on all of the corrupt politicians, our corrupt government, and all of the lies that they tell and the secrets that they keep. His blog is called Divine Cosmos. Check it out. Be prepared to read a lot of shocking but true information!