The Illuminati

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Why does the Illuminati make us wonder so much? Could it be because they are so secretive, and our human nature just wants to know the secret? Or does the Illuminati draw up a more sinister image in most people’s minds, because we know in our gut that evil surrounds them?

This infamous group originally started as far back as the 18th century as a small club for elites who believed in Enlightenment ideals. A German law professor named Adam Weishaupt started the organization to educate Illuminati members in reason, philanthropy, and other secular values.The goal in mind was that they could influence powerful political decisions.  Illuminati members then joined Freemason lodges to recruit members for their own competing secret society.  At some point later on in history five billionaires get involved.

The Rich Will Regulate Government, Citizenry?

Fast forward to today,  It is known that they are a very secretive society with only powerful elite as members like bankers, rich celebrities, and presidents   They promote a worldview that reflects Enlightenment ideals like rational thought and self-rule, but most importantly they want to regulate the government and it’s people.

They Illuminati worship Lucifer and have many bizarre rituals including rumored child sexualization, rape and human sacrifice. There have been rumors that they feast on adrenochrome, blood from a terrified young victim, to give them a high.  This sick group is supported by people who you think are normal and appropriate, but they are obviously not. Many of it’s members don’t care that you know their agenda. 
It is all rather disgusting and too much for us to grasp.

This group continues on in secrecy today to have meetings about a coming New World Order in which massive populations will be wiped out. They believe the population must be dropped down to 500,000,000 of the finest and best because the rest of the people are dragging down the planet. They don’t care how people go, they just want them to die.

Georgia Guidestones

This group wants one centralized government ruling the world, one central form of payment (a chip implanted so they can withdraw your money whenever, and see all your data in one place), and they want to control you as the peons underneath them. The New World Order.