Cosmic Disclosure

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Another fascinating series on Gaia Tv is Cosmic Disclosure. It is another series that David Wilcock hosts in which he interviews a whistle blower named Corey Goode. They discuss all the of the secret things in the cosmos. 

Corey claims to have been in the Secret Space Program for many years. He  has visited many different planets that have life on them.

He claims that on the dark side of the moon there is a secret alien base. Could that be why we don’t visit the moon these days?

He was recruited and groomed for this job as a small boy because he had intuitive empath capabilities. They tried to wipe his memory clean so that he would not remember everything he went through in his 20 and back service in this special part of the military.

Now he risks his life to share with everyone all of the experiences he went through and the non-terrestrials he met. In this series there are 10 seasons worth of talking about the cosmos and what it really entails.

People don’t have a clue what is really out there, but the Secret Space Program knows, and they are part of the big picture that don’t want you to know.