The Real Truth

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If you don’t already have Gaia, you are missing out on the real reality of life. Gaia is not owned by one of the television conglomerates out there pushing the agenda that they want. They actually allow authors and informed people who want to explain their side of reality to have a voice. People who talk about aliens and secret military among other things.

A good percentage of people believe in angels and aliens, of government corruption on a large scale, and many more cover ups, but you won’t find this information on regular cable tv. The truth has been hidden for such a long time, and will continue to be. That is unless the public as a whole uses their own minds and their own information to figure out who they really are. To find out how they really want to live, and what the truth about our existence really is.

Catch up on what is going in the world that the media is not reporting. The whole #Q phenomenon is very much under reported on main stream media, if it’s being reported at all. There are so many people in the dark who haven’t paid much attention to the truth. So much deception and cover ups in the world that it is ridiculous.

That being said, on Gaia you can actually watch shows that are very educational and put a lot of facts in order regarding aliens, the ufo cover up, the secret space program, the new world order agenda…it goes on and on.

Once you watch shows on Gaia like Wisdom Teachings, Disclosure, Cosmic Disclosure, and Beyond Belief, you will see that there are many discrepancies in the way things really are factually. It will make you wonder what else in this world has secrets to reveal.