Is the Earth Really Flat?

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There is a movement that is growing by the day regarding the shape of the Earth. The Flat Earth Movement is comprised of a lot of smart people who are questioning what they have been told about our wonderful planet. Questioning what you have been told is always a good and intellectual thing to do to get to the truth.

These people whole heartedly believe that the Earth is flat and not round.

They believe that Antarctica is really an ice shelf that encircles the planet. That is why we have never been to the ‘edge’ of Earth. That it is not possible to go above the ice shelves even by flying a plane.

Some of the flat earthers think that there is a firmament or dome over the Earth that holds in the sun, moon, and the stars. These object just rotate around the Earth on a schedule.

They cite biblical references in regards to ‘the firmament’.

The Earth is flat because they cannot fathom that water would adhere to a circular planet by gravity. Nor can they believe in anything that science tells them about our solar system because they believe NASA has completely lied to us all of these years (which they have about the aliens out there).

The flat earthers do not believe we ever went to the moon or outside Earth’s atmosphere for that matter. All of the space pictures we have are all just cgi graphics and maybe holograms.

They say there is no way we could be on a spinning ball holding water and land by ‘gravity’.

All you have to do is tune in to Youtube and there are plenty of people trying to persuade you to come over to their side. But their side poses contradictions to what we know is true.

Here are some questions to think about if you believe the Earth is flat:

~If the Earth is really flat, then are Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking just plain idiots?

~The people with telescopes that actually see other stars and planets and moons, are they really zoomed in to a hologram near the firmament?

~If the Earth is flat and we are under a dome than how did China’s Chang’e 4 get to the moon recently? Did NASA set that conspiracy up?

~What about all the other countries who study the cosmos and have pictures from space? Did someone somehow get the whole world involved in faking a cosmos?

~You cannot see the curvature of the Earth until you get really high up in the atmosphere. Higher than planes, and higher than the flat Earthers weather balloons.

~A ship traveling on an ocean will seem to ‘drop off’ the Earth if it travels far enough in the distance, because of the curvature.

Watch this simple video that puts it all to rest. You can believe what you like.