Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy theories need to be talked about, we should be concerned about most of them. Many of them should not be considered conspiracies as much as cover ups. The government covers up so very many things and feeds the public whatever they think is good for themselves and the economy. Literally most of the news is what they feed us, fake news. Or maybe mostly correct news but certain bits and piece left out. Lying by omission is a popular way the cabal keeps people at bay.

Wake up to reality everyone! The world is very much not what it seems! You have the internet and the ability to piece it all together with wisdom teachers who want to explain the truth to you. It’s time to be awakened.

Here are a handful of the many conspiracy theories that will be investigated:

Is the Bible Real and is Jesus The Messiah? The book The Case for Christ is hugely compelling. It shows that the Bible is very accurate in a lot of details about what Jesus did while he was on Earth. Whether he is actually the Messiah is up for grabs depending on your interpretation of The Bible.

If you look in The Law of One Books, RA addresses who Jesus was and says that he is a 6th density being. 

Did We Land on the Moon? There have been confirmations that the initial moon landing was filmed on Earth in a studio. Even Buzz Aldrin has made bizarre comments about it. 

Here are a couple of quick reasons that the landing appeared fake:

The flag was rippling with no wind.

There was no impression where the lunar module landed.

The dune buggy came out of that little lunar module, down the ladder, with a man in a bulky spacesuit?

The shadows were wrong.

The background with mountains appeared in both pictures that were taken in supposebly two different areas of the moon.


Is the Illuminati Planning on Trying to Kill Off  Billions of People in the Near Future? There is a very real possibility since they are the ones that are most in control of this world. They own 90% of the world’s wealth.

More Conspiracy Theories

Is Antarctica full of secrets including bases with secret aliens? 

Is the world’s media controlled by mostly 5 corporations with their own agenda? 

Do whistle blowers often times get killed off or die mysteriously? 

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