Alien Proof

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Proof that there are aliens that have come to Earth is everywhere. The problem is their existence is covered up by the government. The thought is that once the people find out that they were lied to, they will be furious. That will inevitably lead to the downfall of society.

Thanks to awesome whistle blowers, we are finally coming closer to full disclosure! Two very interesting UFOlogy series are Cosmic Disclosure and Beyond Belief. Both can be watched on Gaia and some on YouTube. Also other resources on Amazon are Unsealed Alien Files as well as Wisdom Teachings.

The first aliens start to appear way back in times, Ancient Aliens can describe all of that in detail. But most noteably in the U.S. in the early 1940’s. By 1947, the aliens crashed at Roswell, NM and the biggest cover up of the century began.

Crashed UFO at Roswell

The military of course called it a crashed weather balloon and even fabricated fake pics showing them examining it.

The actual real UFO (not this joke of a balloon the military showed in this pic) was then reverse engineered, and the aliens kept and autopsied. Much technology was learned from reverse engineering the UFO, including the use of Velcro, Kevlar, and fiber optic lasers to name a few. Not too much was learned about the aliens to help us, other than they weren’t from this planet.

Over the year we have learned that the aliens have many races-some are friendly and here to help, while a small percentage are evil. However, they are not able to interact with us on Earth due to our God given ‘free will’. They cannot change our future by interfering with what is going on in our world.

The crop circles out there are examples of aliens casually trying to send us messages of hope. We are too ignorant at this time and too asleep to really know what they mean though. Though, there are some crop circles that do contain messages that we have translated. Messages like the Arecibo message and a few others that have been figured out. Click here for more info on the crop circle phenomenon.

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