Real or Not

Al Bielek Fact or Fiction?

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Al Bielek is a famous guy who claims to have been a time traveler. He was  part of the Philadelphia Experiment and also the Montauk Project. What makes him so very interesting is the fact that he claims to have lived in the future.

The years were 2137 and 2749. He also says that he lived in this era of 2749 for 2 years. That is the 28th century we are talking about. Think about that for a moment. 

When he narrates the video he is extremely believable because he talks so freely as if remembering it like it was yesterday. He however, had his memory erased after the Philadelphia Experiment and only regained his memories when he was older.

The society he describes is one of socialism run by robots. No one has to “work”, everything is provided, as long as a person contributes something to society. If not they can just live outside the city (which is floating by  the way) and try to make it on their own with no help. Too bad we won’t live long enough to see if it this true!

There are people who obviously are not going to believe that this is real. But why would this man lie about this, especially since it involves military cover up?

Is there a great conspiracy in the government to cover up so many things in which we believe are true because they have told us so?

What if you learned that we have been going to Mars since the 1960’s…?Fathom that for a moment.