Have You Been Lied To?

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What If Everything You Have Ever Known To Be True Is Not True At All?

Do you ever wonder if things are exactly as they are told to you?

From your school teaching, to the news on the television, you are just programmed to believe what is told to you. You just trust what is told to you, and why shouldn’t you?

Trusted newsmen on tv, the President of the United States, the government, and magazines and such give us our reality and always have.

Most people assume that those who teach, and those in higher authority like politicians and scientists know what they are talking about and would never deceive us.

But stop and think about many of the things that are being revealed today. Things like cover ups, lying and fake news. You might be surprised to be wondering what else is no longer true.

What if you took a real good look at all the information and threw away your preconceived notions about what you believe and have been taught…

Become open minded so that potential real truth can be revealed. Only you can decide if information makes sense to you personally. Keeping things status quo and comfortable makes you live in the dark. Meanwhile the world and our lives will be changing drastically in the future without change.

You need to know that there are conglomerate companies that are actually ruling a huge percentage of the world. Most of the world does not know this because they aren’t educated on these facts. There are about 5 big megacorporations that are lying and squelching the truth, and running the news channels as well as huge companies everywhere.


Try this: Open a new web browser and type in itanimulli which is illuminati spelled backwards and add dot com and see what happens….the answer is yet another fake cover agency to keep things in check.

No one wants to talk about the Illuminati because it sounds like this far fetched crazy idea of this evil group of people who want to do dirty things. But the truth of the matter is they have been around for a very long time. They consist of very wealthy very ‘important’ type people. They can do this because they are able to do so much with their wealth. Their power has been around since the beginning of America.

What exactly is The Illuminati? Read here to see what they are all about.

Tell your friends, open your eyes and you will see more conspiracies all around you. Think about this real hard…It’s disturbing.

The Deep State Control Your Life

The Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal is slowly changing things so that no one is uncomfortable with how the world is run, it becomes just like our every day reality. They are leaning towards the NWO. The New World Order, and they must be stopped.

The slow change is their approach. They are moving in and taking control right now. Slowly, but surely. If they distract you enough with enough celebrity BS and movies, and sports you may not even notice!

Once they are ‘in’ the celebrities are required by the Illuminati to flaunt their symbols and their ideals or they will be taken ‘out’.

Most people don’t even recognize it as even being there. People who watch an Illuminati themed video may not even recognize it as such because they just assume rappers are crazy and are ‘artists’.

Their videos don’t have to make sense to go along with their songs.

Some of the half time performances for the Super Bowl, for example, have artists flashing signs that only people who are ‘in the know’ of the group know what they mean.

Children and people mimick these signs thinking they are just fad ways of showing you are cool.

They think it is a cute way of taking a selfie. They really have no idea what they are representing by doing it, and that’s so sad.

Most Celebrities are in the Illuminati and Sold Their Soul To Be Famous

All the while the Illuminati are laughing knowing they have the upper hand, and no one else really knows what is going on. It is quite a conspiracy.

The full truth will sicken you and make you wonder what else is being controlled.

Singers, rappers, actors, people from the entertainment industry and high profile people (like bankers, presidents, high political officers) comprise the Illuminati members.

They have basically sold their soul to dark forces/the devil to pay for their fame. They are then forced to throw out Illuminati symbols when they are in public.

Some artists are so deep into this illustriously club that they are brazen and just come right out and tell people they worship the devil, some include Drake, JayZ and Beyonce. They are all seekers of a One World Order future.

Full disclosure of all of the government cover ups including the Illuminati’s tie in to it all are coming soon. Partial disclosure has already started.

If anyone reading this still thinks that there has never been an alien on Earth, he is in the minority.

But once the government admits to one single UFO as being real, they are incriminating themselves on the charge that they lied and covered it up. All of this is tied together, browse this site and the pieces of the puzzle will be clear to you. 

A good starting place to learn more is this new movie called Above Majestic that sheds light on corruption in our government.

You will witness unheard of facts that come from whistle blowers like David Wilcock and Corey Goode, and many others who risk their lives to get this information out. 

Go here to watch Above Majestic on iTunes.

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Yes times are changing and it’s time you became aware of what real reality is. The Great Awakening is finally here. The Deep State who have been running this show are slowly being taken down.

Everyone one who lives in the United States needs to know what is happening behind the scenes to make America Great Again.

If you want to show you patriotic support then climb on board and WAKE UP. All you need is a simple Twitter account.

You don’t even have to post anything, but at least take a good look at what the supporters under #Q #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #DeepStateTakeDown #WWG1WGA is all about.

You will be shocked at what has been covered up for so long. The world is changing. Don’t be left in the dark.