Many people in the world feel lost and small in a world that is so big and full of life, yet so void of spirituality. Religion is important in many people’s lives, however, a lot go through the motions and don’t really have a personal relationship with a higher power. Every heart is different, but every single one deep down inside wants to feel connected to a higher power whether they say it out loud or not.

Exploring the truth about your spirituality is a lifelong journey. It can be hard to trust all of the teachings you were given as a child or young adult growing up. You may be doubting the truth as you were taught. If that’s the case then you have come to the right place.

This site explores all the non religious spiritual feelings  you may be having. You may not agree with all that is here, that is definitely ok. The purpose here is just to get your soul searching for happiness. There are so many references to places to find answers that only you can determine if you believe.

One prominent spiritual theme that you must believe in no matter what your religion is, is that God, (whichever your higher power is at this time) wants you to be happy and to love life and love one another.

But take things much deeper and ask yourself questions like:

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

The answer is you knew exactly the answers before you came into human form. You created your entire path and life as a higher beinged soul before you even came to earth.

There are books which have started the spiritual process for me personally. I highly recommend reading as many as possible. My very first encounter with what heaven might be like was reading Dannion Brinkleys Into the Light. I thought the book seemed very far fetched at first. I was a skeptic, but very intrigued.

I have a bachelors degree in nursing, therefore I have always been interested in the body and what its made of, and what happens when we die. So when I came across Sylvia Browne,s books about life after death, I was enthralled. The books single handedly made me believe in life after death. She described in vivid detail what happens when we die. there is the white light, the floating above your body, the tunnel to another realm, meeting of higher beings  and a life review. These are the basics you can get from reading any near  death experience book, but her descriptions are so very real.